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Academic collaboration agreement between Fundación Noelia and Deusto Univerity


At Fundación Noelia we have signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Deusto to work in the psychosocial field of Col6 affected.

The objective of this agreement is the mutual participation between the Noelia Foundation and the University of Deusto, through the Faculty of Health Sciences, in research, teaching in relation to congenital muscular dystrophy collagen VI.

Likewise, within the scope of their respective powers, jointly carry out academic, scientific and cultural activities, for the enrichment of scientific knowledge related to congenital muscular dystrophy due to collagen VI deficiency.

  1. Support and promote joint research activities at the psychological level.
  2. Exchange bibliographic and audiovisual material, and provide information related to joint projects.
  3. Carry out research projects and psychosocial studies related to congenital muscular dystrophy collagen VI.
  4. Disseminate, by both parties, publications and events.
  5. Promote the publication of articles and co-editions of common interest.


We present the first joint project for those affected by Collagen VI: Neuro-psychosocial intervention for minors with Neuromuscular Diseases

The project will be developed with the Neuroemotion department of the university, made up of psychologists and neuropsychologists specialized in those affected by rare diseases, and consists of carrying out 12 group sessions for psychological support of children affected by Col6 between 7 and 17 years old.

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