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New contribution to research

This month of July 2023, from Fundacion Noelia we have delivered the €38,095 that allow us to continue with the research project PERSONALIZED MEDICINE THERAPIES FOR CONGENITAL MUSCULAR DYSTROPHIES. This 2-year project is carried out at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital with the involvement of the researchers: Dr. Cecilia Jimenez Mallebrera, Dr. Arístides López Márquez and Dr. Carmen Badosa.

The delivery of the check was carried out by Emma, ​​affected by Collagen VI, who went to the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital with her mother Elia, to give Cecilia, Arístides and Carmen this check that allows them to continue the investigation.

From Fundación Noelia we want to thank you for your work, and we take this opportunity to remind you that these contributions are possible thanks to everyone’s efforts, that with your contributions and bit by bit, we are able to continue adding minutes of research.

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